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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Long Ryder®


Long Ryder® is a special blend of natural herbs formulated to help men experience longer, stronger erections. It also helps you last for longer periods assuring her enjoyment and yours.



What is in Long Ryder®


Long Ryder® is a special blend of herbs formulated to help enhance sexual performance and increase penis size.  This  majestic blend  increases blood flow to the penis and facilitates higher testosterone levels.



How long to see results of Long Ryder®


If taken according to instructions, a once a day regimen, you will achieve maximum efficacy in about eight weeks. To maintain results, make Long Ryder® a part of your daily routine.


Does Long Ryder® work for everyone


Individual results vary from person to person, however we believe this product is effective in most people.



Does it really increase Penis size?


Through a daily regime of Long Ryder® and engaging in sexual activity, you can enjoy increased penis size.  Results vary from person to person.


Is Long Ryder® guaranteed?


Long Ryder® gives a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, We will refund you money. No hassle no second-guessing. Just a refund.


What will show up on my credit card statement ?


Your desire for discretion is our priority, the name Source Matrix will show up on our credit card statement.

Long Ryder All Natural Male Enhancement. 1-800-647-7798 Longer stronger erections. No harmful side effects. 100% money back guarantee. Long Ryder is safe, easy and effective.